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The Foolish Charters.

FOOLISH BOAT CHARTERS... INSTEAD OF ... "fighting for a palapa!"

the plan


Why not? You all fight for that palapa at 4 in the morning... pffff. ( Holiday? .. Really? ) Imagine yourself on a private boat with a Foolish Captain. All you have to do is get the group together...6 is max. ( prices vary per trip..per group). It all depends on the configuration of the group. Kids..? Small or Big?

Boarding and Departure from the Varadero Caribe Marina. Boarding at 11am… back around 3-ish. All you need to bring is a towel, sunglasses a hat and a smile, and off we go! (Departure and Boarding meeting spot… will come with your reservation )

the tour


All on board? The Foolish Captain explains the rules on board....( only 3 actually)

Anchor away and let's go boating!

Drifting out the DownTown Marina, we make a short right and pass by some of the big cruise ships. Turn around and we cruise close to the shore where the locals have their beach in the weekends. ( trees, no palapa"s...) and from there we hang under the landing strip, awaiting a big Jet Blue coming in...30 feet above you. Maybe if you ladies Flash him…he might tip his wings.

From there we steam up towards Savaneta the old fishing village, pass by the Dump...the ugly part of Aruba and the industrial side of Aruba. And we float along Mangel Halto and out to the open sea a bit towards Savaneta. Pass by the Zeerover, the Flying Fishbone and turn around at the coast guard. Back out to sea..riding the waves and we return to Mangel Halto for a dip in the bluest water of Aruba! Your Foolish Captain serves up a small lunch and you can all have a dip in the Pool of The Fool!

From Mangel Halto we go back towards DownTown…wind and waves in the back…just relaxed sight seeing. Maybe we spot a Dolphin…if not.. I give you Flamingo’s. Floating towards the Low and High rise hotels…Eagle Beach and Palm Beach…and we steam up to the Light House area for another stop to swim or snorkel. And I let you swim with the Fishes…Than we slow boat back to DownTown along the coast of Aruba. Back at 3-ish.

the boat


An Edgewater 265cc. 2 Yamaha 250 outboards. Bathroom on board for the ladies.. Real men can pee overboard. Easy walk-around center console.

Stable and with a high bow for less splashing!

Sign the waiver for not being a Fool on the boat and sit back and relax. No babies or wheelchairs, sorry.... but a sense of humor is welcome!!!

the price


Or what is included? A private boat/petrol and a Captain and food & beverages are included.

As described the Big Foolish tour will last around 3-4 hours. Weather permitted.

Depending on the number of guests, prices are subject to change. Maximum of 6 guests.

I bring Beer Water and Wine….its not a Booze Cruise!  No hard liquor.! And all I need to know is of any food restrictions regarding the lunch I bring along. (Sandwiches.. and Wraps and some Fruit.)

The Foolish Captain does not do any Fishing…he hates getting up early!
The Foolish Captain is Fully Vaccinated and Boostered up! Full insurance for boat and guests!
Just send me an email and REQUEST A QUOTE!
The Fool will work it out, and all you do is Float!
A Foolish experience on the water, a private boat trip with your family or friends.

For any additional request please send me an email:


Any additional information? Check Trip Advisor Aruba..1 fool and a boat.


Interested? Wanna book? Use the form below!

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The Foolish Captain will be on vacation from June 2nd to July 3rd, 2024
 Please book for dates after July 3rd.

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